GetUserFTA – Display User File Type Associations on Windows 8/10 and Server 2012/2016

ever since i have created SetUserFTA, i missed a command to display the filetypes (extension and ProgId) that are associated for the current user. using assoc.exe we can only query the local machine, but we don’t have any command to list the “protected” associations under the HKCU (or maybe i just dont know about it). we can export some of those with dism, but the list seems not to be complete – it will only export the ones, that were changed manually with the settings app.

this is where GetUserFTA jumps in.

this little utility will crawl the current user’s registry and list every file extension that has a UserChoice Hash associated. It will ONLY list those with a Hash.

and here is a bonus: you can create a config file for SetUserFTA with it!

Example Screenshot:

pretty simple. just run it without any parameter and it will display all – with a hash protected – filetypes. if you wonder what these long ProgId’s are – those are universal apps. you can find a list of them in: C:\Windows\System32\OEMDefaultAssociations.xml – i didn’t find an easy way to display these applications. if you know one, please let me know.

GetUserFTA.exe >SetUserFTA.config

this will create a config file that you can use with SetUserFTA! now you can configure an example user on a machine (set all the associations how they should be), export all the associations and import them with SetUserFTA – for any user you want!

of course you can filter the output with the find command:

GetUserFTA.exe | find “pdf”

this will list the ProgId for the .pdf extension associated for the current user. you can redirect the output to a file – just like showed in the example above.

no more magic – thats all that this utility does. simple, but effective!


you can download GetUserFTA v1.2 here.

Version 1.1 adds support for protocols (mailto, http, https, etc).
Version 1.2 eliminates the need of MSVCRT.dll SHA256:10AE7DDC4F0171984A17634B36A94E6242C4C16DA372DC632B1FE9C641C47E70
GetUserFTA.exe SHA256:99D80C4A3A599C5D3E7D869B7001B2C2393041A6EC600854E7DE438EA52175B2

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